ILA Window Chambers

ILA Window Chamber. Source: PTB-Berlin

The ILA GmbH offers different types of window chambers, which present an innovative design and high long term reliability. Along the years, we have acquired a vast experience designing, and building window chambers, always aiming to find the best solution for our customer according to their applications. 

Our window chambers are manufactured for different nominal pressures, materials and dimensions depending on each application. We offer window chambers, on which you are able to perform flow velocity measurements by applying LDV, 2D/2C PIV or stereo PIV techniques. 

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Karl-Heinz-Beckurts-Straße 13
52428 Jülich | NRW

E-Mail: rd@ila.de
Telefon: +49 2461 690430



ILA_5150 GmbH

Kurbrunnenstraße 24
52066 Aachen | NRW

E-Mail: info@ila5150.de
Telefon: +49 2419 5789814