Measurement Services

    Velocity measurement of multiphase mixing jets (courtesy of KHD)
    Flow in a hydraulic valve (courtesy of ZF)

    Sometimes there is a need for laser optical flow measurement techniques in the course of an R&D study, but it is not economical or efficient for the customer to purchase a system and perform the measurements themselves. 

    For such situations, ILA offer a range of measurement service options tailored to the customer's requirements. Our service packages usually include one or several of the following:

    • Engineering design study
    • On-site measurements by ILA specialists
    • Postprocessing

    All measurement service packages include as standard a comprehensive report including all the data collected and measurement campaign results.

    Some of our service measurement customers

    • ZF Friedrichshafen PIV Measurements in small magnetic valves
    • KHD Multiphase Mixing Jets
    • BMW Motorsport PIV in engines
    • FEV Motorentechnik Stereo PIV in Cylinder flows
    • BASF PIV in water purification plants
    • Bosch-Siemens Domestic Appliances
    • Alstom Power generation turbines
    • Voith Vertical axis variable pitch propeller characterisation
    • Webasto Internal aerodynamics of automotive heater
    • Eberspächer Internal aerodynamics of automotive heater
    • HSVA Transverse flow under a ship hull (underwater PIV)
    • SGL Carbon fiber disc brakes
    • Heidelberger Druckmaschinen (HDM) Paper and Printing Machines
    • STEAG Study of flow around silicon wafers (PIV)
    • Cargolifter Wind tunnel studies on blimp model (large scale PIV)


    Below you can find some examples among all the various sucessfully performed applications of our clients carried out in the past 20 years.


    Click on the pictures to open or download the PDF-Documents.

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