ILA GmbH collaborates with well known industrial and science research institutes in many research projects, in order to achieve a continuous development of our products and techniques.

    In the area of volume flow research, ILA works closely with the German National Metrology Institute (PTB) in Berlin and Braunschweig. Furthermore, we also collaborate in researcher projects with the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Hamburg University and the Fuel Cell Research Center (ZBT GmbH) in Duisburg.


    Artificial heart valve PIV setup at ILA
    Close-up of artificial heart valve PIV setup at ILA


    Prequalified according to PQ-VOL by the NRW-Certification Body IHK Mittlerer Niederrhein


    Please find enclosed an extract of scientific publications acquired with ILA measurement equipment:

    Title LDV-Applications Authors Source Download
    Strömungsprofilmessungen in Filmströmungen mit einem hochauflösenden Laser-Doppler-Geschwindigkeitsprofilsensor Profilsensor M. Bermuske, H. Radner, S. Gerke, L. Büttner, J. Czarske, M. Joppa, F. Rüdiger, M. Dues, U. Müller, H. Müller GALA 2015 abstract
    Title PIV-Applications Authors Source Download
    Detection of upstream propagating sound waves at buffet flow using high-speed PIV Aeroacoustics A. Hartmann, S. Kallweit, A. Feldhusen and W. Schröder Lisbon 2012 abstract paper
    Investigation of the near and far wake of a bluff airfoil model with rear end variations using time-resolved Particle Image Velocimetry Aerodynamics D. Krentel and W. Nitsche Lisbon 2012 abstract paper
    Comparison of steady and unsteady exhalation using multiplane-stereo PIV Biomedical Flows F. Schroeder, S. Bordin, S. Haertel, M. Washausen, M. Klaas and W. Schroeder Lisbon 2012 abstract paper
    High-speed PIV investigation of coherent structures in a swirl-stabilized combustor operating at dry and steam-diluted conditions Combustion S. Terhaar and C. O. Paschereit Lisbon 2012 abstract paper
    Free compressible jet nozzle investigation Jet Flow F. De Gregorio and F. Albano Lisbon 2012 abstract paper
    Experimental study of local flow and concentration fields in Taylor flow by using micro particle image velocimetry and laser-induced fluorescence Microfluid Mechanics C. Meyer, M. Hoffmann and M. Schlueter Lisbon 2012 abstract paper
    High-speed PIV measurements of the influence of artificial surface structures on the near-wall flow field of 3D wing models based on an owl geometry Unsteady Flows A. Winzen, S. Klän, M. Klaas, H. Wagner and W. Schröder Lisbon 2012 abstract paper
    Simultaneous high speed stereo PIV and LDA measurements in the highly transient vortical wake of an axial fan Rotating Machinery P. Mattern, S. Sieber, M. Dues, S. Caglar and M. Gabi Lisbon 2012 abstract paper
    The dynamics of static stall Unsteady Flows K. Mulleners, A. Le Pape, B. Heine and M. Raffel Lisbon 2012 abstract paper
    Stereoskopische PIV-Messung eines Wirbelzerfalles bis 40 x DRohr - Mathematische Modellierung   M. Kraxner, M. Pillei, U. Muschelknautz  / MCI Innsbruck, AUSTRIA GALA 2012 abstract
    Time Resolved Investigation on the Swirl Flow in the Wake of a Ducted Fan Using High Speed Stereo PIV   S. Sieber, P. Mattern, S. Caglar, M. Gabi  / Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) GALA 2012 abstract
    Fluid Flows under Investigation (Particle image velocimetry and laser Doppler velocimetry for optical measurement in medical technology)   Bert Trescher und Christine Wehrstein-Kuhnen (OWIS) Optik-Photonik 2013 article
    Phase-locked flow field analysis in a synthetic human larynx model   Alexander Lodermeyer, Stefan Becker, Michael Döllinger, Stefan Kniesburges / University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Springer Link article

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