Traverse Units

900mm 3D ILA traverse

ILA offers customized systems of traversing units that fit any application, enabling us to build a system even if the space at the customer's side is challenging. 

ILA is using only DC servo motors, which are more accurate and reliable compared to the other available motors. In addition, we are designing our own DC driver boards based on Maxon Motors reliable technology. For the longer traversing lengths (>1000mm) ILA is using belt driven traversing units due to the lower weight and the acceptable overall accuracy. 

The traversing systems are well bundled in all ILA products through the in-house designed holders and are suitable for completely automatized measurement sessions. 

Traverse Controller

Traverse Controller front

The ILA TraversingControllerEt actuates up to four axis of high precision DC or EC motors with various available encoders. The design of the traversing controller is foreseen with an  easily  accessible emergency  stop button in case that the traversing path is interrupted. Furthermore, on the front side, there are signal LEDs for the status of each axis and the controller itself. 

In addition the device is controllable  from  the  front  side  buttons  to  quickly  move  axis during setup without a PC. The connection to the PC is made via standard ethernet, so the controller can be integrated in common TCP/IP networks. It also comes with ILA software which is available with an appropriate graphical user interface depending on which technique is used, eg. PIV or LDV. 

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