ILA Tilt Mounts

Manual tilt mount

 The tilt mounts are necessary PIV equipment with which the Scheimpflug condition can be achieved. 

Normally, the ILA tilt mounts are available in two standard configurations but since they are modular they can be adapted to nearly camera and lens. 

Motorized Tilt Mount 

The motorized version of the camera tilt mount simplifies the setup and the calibration of nearly any experiment, whether 2D, Stereo or even 3D PIV. 
The camera angle, tilt angle and the complete lens control are remotely controlled by a dedicated software interface that communicates with the tilt mount. 
Remote angle and focus functions, in addition to being essential when working in large installations or on experiments with difficult access, enable users to optimize their stereo imaging setup directly from the PIV workstation, leading to significant savings in setup time, hence increasing productivity. 

Manual Tilt Mount 

The manual tilt mount with remote focus is a combination of ILA's well established mechanical tilt mount and a remote focusing unit for Canon EOS lenses. Although the alignment of the camera and tilt angles is still mechanical, the focusing and control of the lens during the calibration procedure is remotely performed. 
The internal lens motors are powered by the EOS Controller which comes with a user friendly software, where the position of the focus and the aperture can be saved and reloaded.


Tilt Mount

  • Full camera rotation 360°
  • Tilt angle up to 25° depending from camera body
  • Compatible with standard OWIS rails
  • Precise tilt angle adjustment
  • Lens mount on x-y traversing table for accurate image overlap adjustment
  • adaptable to nearly all cameras

Lens Control

  • All Canon EOS lenses can be controlled
  • Aperture and Focus in incremental steps
  • RS232 communication
  • Up to 50m cables or more with FOL converters
  • includes control software for storage and reloading of positions
  • Repeatable focusing positions by internal reference position
  • Server software available for controlling the focus via any PC in the LAN



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