Synchronizer - high precision timing unit

Synchronizer front
Synchronizer back

ILA is designing their own electronics since the first steps in 1995. The key components are all made in house and can be easily customized.
The synchronizer is based on FPGA technique and is the fastest system available on the market today. It uses highly advanced triggering features and a reliable timing with a very low jitter down to 0.1ns. The communication is network (TCP/IP) based and connects to any standard Ethernet LAN. The user can even log into the synchronizer by using the Telnet protocol and is able to program it on its own, e.g. for automation purposes. The synchronizer is driving up to two lasers in parallel and the output impedance is very low to be able to drive long cable length safely.

An external trigger signal can of course also be connected the synchronizer. In this way the complete sequence can be triggered by an external event to make sure the PIV measurement is done at a very precise moment.

As the synchronizer is fully developed in house, customer specific solutions can easily be integrated.

Synchronizer Control

Synchronizer Control is the software which enables the Synchronizer to be remotely controlled via ethernet connection from a PC.

The ILA Synchronizer is specialized for PIV applications and makes it easy to build up complex PIV timings due to its flexible software control.

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