ILA is collaborating with the company PIVTec. ILA and PIVTec decided to merge their software development, so that ILA now uses the cross-correlation core of the very well known PIVView software which was top rated at the PIVNet challenge 2005. The PIV evaluation software runs on all operating systems.

The images acquired by our ILA_Camware software are processed by PIVTecILA or PIVView. In most of the cases the parameters for data evaluation are very similar at each individual plane and need to be adjusted only once. The masking of oversaturated areas should be minimal for the new ILA.sCMOS cameras but can be provided as well in the software. After storing these parameters a batch program is launched distributing the images to the available cores of the PC. Here each image pair is dedicated to one core, so that for future applications the processing power scales linearly with the amount of cores available.

After processing the data, all the individual data sets are available in ASCII (*.dat) TecPlot readable format and in NetCDF (*.nc). In addition the averaged data file can include user selectable parameters like vorticity, shear strain and many more, which are generated during the evaluation procedure. These data files can be processed by any known presentation software. We recommend software packages like e.g. TecPlot, Ensight or the open source software ParaView.

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