LPS - LED Pulsing System

LED head with optics for volumetric illumination and a diffuser plate

The ILA LPS is a state of the art LED PIV illumination system. It offers a simple solution for the user to do PIV with high power LEDs without having to think about the complex control task thats behind it. 

The Controller-Head combination ensures safe operation simultaneously gaining the most out of the LED. The system is able to control up to four separate heads with different colors and is remote controlled via ethernet. A comfortable software, specially designed to fit the needs of demanding PIV setups, is also provided. 

The LEDs can be exchanged easily and the actual color is coded by a simple switch.The LED-Heads support various optical arrangements on standard mountings. Even fiber coupled light-sheet optics are available.

Click here to download a PIV animation performed on a model ships's propeller (File size: 12MB). The image sequence is captured using a pco.dimax HS4 camera, and the light source is our LED that was pulsed at 1kHz.


LED head opened
  • High power LED
  • Volume or light sheet
  • Synchronization
  • PIVTecILA software
  • Easy setup
  • Background illumination
  • ILA.PIV.Nano Camera
  • Also suited for MicroPIV

LPS Controller

LPS Controller II front
LPS Controller II back

The ILA LPSControllerII is a software remoted high-precision driver for the LPS LED heads. It can conveniently be controlled via ethernet from a PC.

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