Lens Controller for Canon EOS lenses

The Canon lens controller gives total control of focus and iris settings of Canon photographic lenses from a remote computer with out the expensive and complicated mechanical drives and motor controllers necessary for Nikon AF lenses. Connecting directly to a serial port, the Canon EOS lens controller takes command of the motors and encoders built into all Canon EOS lenses, for fast precise and trouble-free focus and iris control. 


  • Enables use of world-acclaimed Canon EOS lenses for scientific imagins
  • Fast and precise remote control of focus and iris settings
  • Works with all Canon EOS lenses
  • Direct computer control without external motors and controllers
  • Rugged and reliable with no moving parts
  • All electronics are inside lens mount
  • Programmed by simple ASCII commands
  • Easy adaption to Scheimpflug camera mounts
  • Attractively priced


  • Particle Image Velocimetry systems for large wind tunnels
  • Submerged camera systems for wave or towing tanks
  • Cameras placed in hot, cold or inaccessible locations

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