ILA.PIV.sCMOS with remote focus and aperture control

The new technology of sCMOS cameras is very useful in the area of PIV in large aerodynamic facilities. The main two advantages are:

  • Larger light sheets compared to CCD image sensor and
  • less blooming.

The enhanced dynamical range of the sCMOS cameras in combination with a slightly higher quantum efficiency and the low noise, leads to an overall increase in light sensitivity. As a result, the light sheet can be extended to a larger region with the same amount of laser power. 

The test set-up often reduces the possible measurement planes due to strong reflections bouncing of the three dimensionally curved surfaces and the amount of aerodynamic obstacles in the field of view. With the sCMOS technology the blooming is highly reduced compared to standard CCD image sensors, so that an image acquisition is even possible in areas where other set-ups would have failed. 

Furthermore, what makes this camera suitable for PIV measurements is the very short interframing time, and the integrated remote focus control. Our customized edition of this camera has the EOS controller ring build-in, compatible with the Canon EF lenses. Hence, the lens's aperture and focus can be adjusted remotely.

A comparison between the standard PCO camera and the ILA.PIV.sCMOS can be found here.


  • Remote focus build-in
  • High resolution 5.5 MP
  • Low noise 1.1 electrons
  • High dynamic range 27000:1 
  • Short interframing time as low as 200ns
  • 25fps in PIV mode
  • Larger light sheets

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