LDV probe fp50shift-532nm

fp50 probe

The fp50 shifted system is used for the analysis of complex flow structures with back flow. The probe is able to acquire one velocity component (1D) and is based on a Nd:YAG laser with a power from 50 mW up to 200 mW. The probe presents a robust design, which makes it suitable for applications in harsh industrial conditions. The available focal length fluctuate from 80 mm till to 800 mm. The fp50 shifted probe has been used, with a special configuration, for the measurement of velocities up to 400 m/s. 


fp50 probe on LDV-Controller
  • Simple setup and alignment
  • Long term stability
  • High laser power transferred to the measurement volume
  • High measurement accuracy
  • No optical transmission fibers
  • Automatic traversing, optional
  • Robust Transportation Suitcases

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