LDV Controller

LDV Controller front
LDV Controller back

The ILA LDV Controller together with the LDV Probe are the main components of our LDV systems. The controller is based on a field-programmable gate array (fpga) and has been developed for unshifted, 1D and 2D LDV shifted systems. 

The controller is delivered either with a photomultiplier (PM) or an avalanche photo-diode (APD) depending on the customer's application. 

It is directly controlled trough our user friendly QFlow software via ethernet cable. It is possible to control the device remotely by connecting the LDV controller to a network, which is very useful in certain applications where the measurement area is far from the controlling room. 

Furthermore, the ILA LDV controller can be configured to have analog high precision current/voltage inputs. This feature allows you to connect other devices to the controller, in order to consider additional physical conditions and/or measurements. For instance, temperature, velocity measurement with other devices such as Magnetic flow meter can be simultaneously acquired while performing the LDV measurement.

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