History of ILA GmbH

The ILA GmbH was founded in 1995 by Dr. Dues and Prof. Kallweit as a spin-off company of the Berlin Technical University. At the beginning, ILA achieved the development of simple 1D LDA systems. These systems have proven to be extremely precise and to present an extraordinary long term stability, due to their extremely stable design and the HeNe laser. These LDA systems have been taken till today as reference standard for the calibration of velocity sensors. ILA works on this area together with PTB Braunschweig, where our system have been used in the academic training field, due to their attractive price.

Nowadays, ILA offers unshifted LDA systems mostly for calibration and shifted systems as 1D and 2D probes for diverse scientific applications. 

The development of our first PIV system was done in parallel to the development of LDA systems. After the development of our own PIV code, the cooperation with PIVTEC has been intensified. The PIVTecILA software is a result of this worthwhile cooperation. 

In addition to the ongoing PIV software development, ILA provides its customers with all the necessary PIV components such as: Synchronizer, Tilt mounts, Laser light sheet optics, Targets, etc. Since all the components are developed by ILA, we are capable to adapt all of them according to the customer's application. 

The ability to solve complicated customer's requirements has positioned ILA as a valued partner in the development of PIV system for large wind tunnels, as for example in the F1 industry. 

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Karl-Heinz-Beckurts-Straße 13
52428 Jülich | NRW

E-Mail: rd@ila.de
Telefon: +49 2461 690430



ILA_5150 GmbH

Kurbrunnenstraße 24
52066 Aachen | NRW

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Telefon: +49 2419 5789814